“Mitsuro-hikime: A Casting Wax”

May 21, 2012


Susan Zeiss contacted me about publishing an article on mitsuro-hikime after her very successful workshop prior
to the SNAG 2011 Seattle conference. This article joins other articles that have adapted and built upon a range of
techniques and approaches from a variety of traditions and even other professional industries. Since SNAG
News has gone digital, we have been able to occasionally publish more detailed articles without incurring
additional publishing or mailing costs. I hope you consider experimenting with this approach and
sharing your experiences with Susan and myself. – James Thurman

Mitsuro-hikime: A Casting Wax
By Susan Zeiss

Mitsu(honey) ro(wax)-hiki(drawing) me(texture)

Several years ago I became interested in jewelry pieces with a distinctive grooved design. At
first glance they appear to be engraved or constructed of multiple wires, but on closer examination, they are cast.
The grooves are actually achieved in the wax, not the metal. I set out to research waxes and develop a formula.



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