Member Achievements – April 2013

April 29, 2013

Elizabeth Novak

Hilary Sanders is a recipient of the 2013 Windgate Fellowship awarded by the Center for Craft, Creativity & Design.

Student Design Competition Awards:

  • Rings Category – 2nd place Shiying Gao
  • Brooches Category – 1st place Jiarui Lu and 3rd place So Young Kim
  • Necklace Category – 1st place Jiarui Lu and 2nd place Corrina Goutos
  • Bracelets Category – 2nd place Christina Lu

Johnny Johnson

Torch Awards

Third Place – Johnny Johnson


Tira Mitchell is one of the four contestants in INSTORE’s Bench Pressure Challenge, All-Around category.

Creative Side is featured at the Austin – Bergstrom International Airport.  Work by CSJA staff and students, including SNAG member Terry Fromm, will be on view in the terminal until July 10th.

SNAG members Peter Schmid of Atelier Zobel and Michael Good are featured in an exhibition titled Dramatic Jewelry: The Five Masters at Aaron Faber Gallery.  The exhibition opens May 9th and is on view through the month at Aaron Faber Gallery.  Peter will also be featured at a Cocktail Reception on Thursday, May 9, 2013 from 5-7:30 pm.  Michael will be featured at an afternoon lecture event on Saturday, May 18, 2013 from 2-5 pm.

Lilly Fitzgerald and Judith Kaufman will be featured in an exhibition at Patina Gallery opening June 28th titled The Ecstasy of Gold. Both artists work in high karat gold and colored gems.

Judith Kaufman
Lilly Fitzgerald







Robert Thomas Mullen was highlighted at the Asher Gallery at Houston Center for Contemporary Craft in a recent trunk-show series.  Robert’s work is also on view in the Artist Hall as part of the exhibit Reminiscential.

Gary Schott

Gary Schott will be featured in a solo exhibition titled The Ornamental Plumb Bob at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft.  The exhibition will display objects and brooches by Schott and will be on view from May 31st.

Edward McCartney is featured in Wear It or Not: Recent Jewelry Acquisitions on view through June 2nd at Museum of Arts and Design.  The exhibition showcases the depth and variety of the new additions to the museum’s renowned permanent collection.

Jaydan Moore has a solo show on view at Brooklyn Metal Works titled Presence of Absence.  The exhibit features Jaydan’s manipulations of decorative silver-plated platters, teapots and silverware.


Katie Poterala

Katie Poterala’s work is being featured in an exhibition at Lireille – Gallery of Contemporary Jewelry and Art.

John Jensen’s knives are being featured in an exhibition at the Richmond Art Center titled Innovations in Contemporary Crafts. The exhibition highlights 39 California based artists and is on view through June 1st.

Lilyana Bekic, Amber O’Harrow, Kerianne Quick, and Elizabeth Steiner are featured artists in the Food as Medium for Craft exhibition at  Craft in America Study Center.

SNAG members Michael Hays, Pamela Argentieri, Jacquelyn Crissman, Susan Ewing, Gretchen Goss, Matthew Hollern, Tom Muir, Pamela Thomford, David & Roberta Williamson, Lisa Wilson, and Stephen Yusko are featured artists in an upcoming exhibition titled Uncontained: Ohio Metalsmiths and the Vessel.  The exhibition will be on view at Concourse Gallery May 6 – June 21, 2013.


Stephen Yusko will be featured at a demonstration during this year’s Hammer-In, held at Touchstone Center for Crafts.

The exhibition of Arlene Fisch’s Creatures From the Deep is on view through June 23rd at Museum of Craft and Design.


Elizabeth Novak

Congratulations to Elizabeth Novak, winner of The Future of Design Education Fund: Alice Abrams Scholarship.


Shana Kroiz has been nominated for Fashion Awards Maryland in the Accessories category.

Five Mystery Box Masterpieces were displayed at Expo New York this year and raffled to support the scholarships offered by the MJSA Education Foundation.  SNAG members Michelle Pajak-Reynolds, Geoffrey Giles, and Ryan Roberts were among the five artists featured at the Expo.


Michelle Pajak-Reynolds

Michelle Pajak-Reynolds‘ New York Fashion Week showing with Nolcha Fashion Week was a huge success, receiving rave reviews and significant coverage from fashion media.  You can find out more about Michelle’s success, with photos and videos, here.


Bruce Metcalf was one of the artists featured on a panel at Stars of Today and Tomorrow – What’s the Difference? at the Renwick Grand Salon on April 6th.

John Lunn’s flute “The Dryad’s Kiss” is the first place winner of the 2013 Rio Grande Saul Bell Design Award holloware category.  The Saul Bell winners and work are showcased on Rio’s website at

Wayne Werner is joining the Studio at Society for Contemporary Craft this spring.  Wayne was the recipient of the World Gold Council’s Gold Distinction Award, as well as the MJSA’s Vision Award for Mokume Gane.

Betty Sue King was recently honored with the Women’s Jewelry Association Shining Star Award at their Annual Spring Gala and In the Know Conference.

A group of artists, The Ladysmiths, including SNAG members Jowita Allen, Mimi Harris, Peggy Shiffrin, and Sherry Terao will be featured at the Dennis & Phillip Ratner Museum on April 27th and 28th.


SNAG members Joe and Jamieson Diemer have been awarded artists residency in Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic.

Gemological Institute of America has been named one of the 2013 World’s Most Ethical Companies by the Ethisphere Institute.  Click here for more information about the 2013 World’s Most Ethical Companies.


Liana Pattihis

Liana Pattihis’s piece Adapted Patterns Installation Necklace 01 has been acquired by The Museum of Arts and Design for its private collection.  The piece is being featured as a part of the new acquisitions exhibition Wear it or Not which runs through June 2nd.


Sarah Graham Metalsmithing’s pieces Rogue River Bangle, and Bee Earrings  and Ring are featured in the Swimsuit Edition of Sports Illustrated.



Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist

Arlene Mornick, Matthew Campbell, Helen Driggs, and Claudio Pino all were featured in the April 2013 issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist.  Claudio Pino is also featured in a number of upcoming exhibitions including Out of This World: Jewelry in the Space Age.

Art Jewelry

Patrick Kusek, Melissa Cameron, Denae Natsis, Annie Pennington, Pamela Farren, Glen Gustafson, Sun Kyoung Kim, Linda Kaye-Moses, Beverly Tadeu, and Laurie Kern are all featured in the May 2013 (Volume 9, Issue 4) Art Jewelry.

Jan Harrell, Sarah Chapman, Jen Townsend, Christina Lemon, and Kit Carson are featured in the March 2013 (Volume 9, Issue 2) Art Jewelry.

American Craft

Victoria Altepeter is featured in the April/May 2013 (Vol. 73, No. 2) American Craft.


William Harper is featured on the cover of the most recent issue of Metalsmith (Vol. 33, No. 2).  Claire Kahn, Tim McCreight, Suzanne Carlsen, Eric Petersen, Annie Tung, Wayne Werner, Susan Madacsi, and Eric Ryser were also featured in this issue of Metalsmith.




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