Year: 2014

Member Achievements – December 2014

Jesper Jensen has created a memorial baton honoring the fallen soldiers of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry. Fashioned from sterling silver, 18-karat yellow gold, and maple wood, the baton is hand-made and hollowed out to make room for an honor roll of names of PPCLI members who lost their lives in battle since the infantry’s formation in 1914. See this and more in this week’s news post.

Technical Article: “Small-Scale Metal Spinning” by James Thurman

James Thurman first became aware of metal spinning almost twenty years ago, and has been transfixed by its rapid demonstration of the plasticity of metal. This article is based on small-scale metal spinning pieces that Thurman created for the Pin Swap at the 2010 SNAG Conference in Houston, Texas.

Member Achievements – October 2014

Ethical Metalsmiths’ first place 2014 Emerging Artist Award was given to Joshua Kosker. The Emerging Artists are chosen from the applicants for Ethical Metalsmiths’ annual International Student Exhibition. See more member achievements in this week’s post.

Technical Article: “Small Scale Carving” by Janel Jacobson

Tools! They are very essential partners on my carving journey. With them I can change flat surfaces into dimensional imagery, carving to bring the light and shadow of the form and detail to a point where the piece begins to sing visually.

Member Achievements – August 2014

Erica Bello is the winner of the 9th annual Halstead Grant competition for new silver jewelry makers. “Writing the grant allowed me to focus my ideas into a cohesive goal. It is an incredible opportunity to be able to put my ideas into motion.” Read more about this and other member achievements.

In Remembrance: Daniel Frye

Daniel Frye, a metal artisan and widely respected teacher who was an art professor at California State University, Sacramento, died in July 2014. Frye was an accomplished artist in metals and reinvigorated the metals and jewelry program at CSUS.

Educational Endowment Scholarships 2014

SNAG recently announced the recipients of the 2014 Educational Endowment Scholarships. SNAG actively fundraises for the Educational Endowment trust and three scholarships are awarded annually to undergraduate and graduate students.

Member Achievements – June 2014

Jennifer Crupi will be at the Museum of Craft and Design in San Francisco, CA on July 12, 2014. Join her for an artist talk and tour of the exhibition “A Display of Gestures.” Her works addresses ways we communicate with each other through body language and specific movements.

SNAG Student Slide Presentation 2014: Alchemy in the Digital Age Part 3

SNAG Student Slide Presentation 2014: Alchemy in the Digital Age Part 2

SNAG Student Slide Presentation 2014: Alchemy in the Digital Age Part 1

Technical Article: “A Laser in your Studio” by Ross Kowalski

Digital fabrication techniques are increasingly becoming a part of educational and individuals’ studio practices. Although it can be daunting to incorporate new technologies into our established ways of working, Ross has written an article that is accessible and inspirational.

Member Achievements – April 2014

Kristin Diener’s “Eyeball Pendant” is featured on the cover of the book “On Body and Soul: Contemporary Armor to Amulets” by Suzanne Ramljak. The exhibition “Protective Ornament,” in conjunction with the book, opens in May at The Metal Museum in Memphis, TN. This and more member achievements found in this week’s post.

Technical Article: “Embossing Photographs onto Leather” by Andrew Kuebeck

With just a little patience and a lot of pressure it is possible to get incredible results embossing etched imagery and text onto chamois leather for use in any project. Begin by selecting a sealed etched plate whose imagery or text you would like to have embossed onto a sheet of chamois leather.

2014 SNAG Lifetime Achievement Award, Robert Ebendorf

For the past twenty-five years, Robert Ebendorf has been re-purposing existing materials by devising ingenious uses for the discarded and discovering ways to make the used into the new. SNAG is honored to present him with the 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award.

Member Achievements – March 2014

Parker Brown is the winner of the 2014 SNAG/crafthaus Conference scholarship. Brown is a modern-day armor maker. The scholarship is awarded every January to a crafthaus member and is intended to enable attendance at the SNAG conference. Read more about this and other SNAG member achievements.

SNAG Toronto Student Slide Show 2013: Beyond Borders Part 3

SNAG Toronto Student Slide Show 2013: Beyond Borders Part 2

SNAG Toronto Student Slide Show 2013: Beyond Borders Part 1

Technical Article: “Kitchensmithing” by Rachel Shimpock

Get your groceries together, put on your apron, and prepare yourself for some great times Kitchensmithing with these fun and dynamic handouts from Rachel Shimpock. Try your hand at Condiment Patina and Toaster Powder Coat!

Member Achievements – January 2014

Australian SNAG member Renee Blackwell has been named the 2013 Micro/Small Business Woman of the Year at the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network awards. Blackwell’s jewelry is sold in Australia and New Zealand.

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