Month: April 2014

Member Achievements – April 2014

Kristin Diener’s “Eyeball Pendant” is featured on the cover of the book “On Body and Soul: Contemporary Armor to Amulets” by Suzanne Ramljak. The exhibition “Protective Ornament,” in conjunction with the book, opens in May at The Metal Museum in Memphis, TN. This and more member achievements found in this week’s post.

Technical Article: “Embossing Photographs onto Leather” by Andrew Kuebeck

With just a little patience and a lot of pressure it is possible to get incredible results embossing etched imagery and text onto chamois leather for use in any project. Begin by selecting a sealed etched plate whose imagery or text you would like to have embossed onto a sheet of chamois leather.

2014 SNAG Lifetime Achievement Award, Robert Ebendorf

For the past twenty-five years, Robert Ebendorf has been re-purposing existing materials by devising ingenious uses for the discarded and discovering ways to make the used into the new. SNAG is honored to present him with the 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award.

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