Year: 2015

LYNDSAY RICE: 2015 Emerging Curators Grant Recipient

ABOUT Lyndsay is currently the Assistant Professor of Jewelry & Metalsmithing at the Alberta College of Art and Design EMBODIED May 26, 2016 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Using the body as the starting point the exhibition EMBODIED, seeks work that explores…

LEXIE OWEN: 2015 Emerging Curators Grant Recipient

ABOUT Lexie Owen is an emerging artist who lives and works in the unceded Coast Salish Territory known as Vancouver, BC. With a practice that bridges disciplines, Owen’s work hovers between sculpture, craft in the expanded field, social practice initiatives…

Member Achievements – November 2015

Tom Joyce’s sculpture “Thicket” has been installed at the Mint Museum Uptown. It is a seven-and-a-half-foot square block composed of stainless steel rods passing through cast iron hammer heads.

Technical Article: “Electrolytic Etching Copper and Silver Using Copper Nitrate” by Ben Dory

The term ‘salt-etching’ or ‘salt water etching’ is often synonymous with ‘electrolytic etching’ (e-etching). This has led to the use of sodium chloride as the salt, which can be problematic and counterproductive. With this article, copper nitrate will be presented as a replacement for sodium chloride.

Technical Article: “Digital Fabrication 101” by Dani Manning

What is Digital Fabrication? Simply speaking, Digital Fabrication is the use of technology to create. Using computers, software, and strange machines may seem intimidating at first, but it does get easier the more you practice.

Member Achievements – August 2015

Younha Jung is a new resident artist at Houston Center for Contemporary Craft. Jung specializes in wearable modern jewelry. Currently, she is making jewelry from re-purposed steel and found objects collected from a particular building. She will be with HCCC through May 2016.

In Remembrance: Chuck Evans

Chuck Evans passed away July 31, 2015 at the age of 75. Evans was an artist whose works, technical innovations, writings and teaching have made lasting contributions to metalsmithing and the American Arts. His artwork spanned 30+ years and has been shown in 200+ exhibitions in the U.S. and abroad.

In Remembrance: June Schwarcz

June Schwarcz died at her home in Sausalito, CA on August 2, 2015. She was 97. Schwarcz was among the most innovative and highly respected artists working in the late 20th-century enamels field, and best known for her electroformed metal sculpture embellished with rich enamel color.

In Remembrance: Edith Sommer

Edith Sommer passed away in February 2015. Her path as an artist began in the early ’50s, and jewelry was her biggest passion. Sommer was a long-time SNAG member.

2015 Educational Endowment Scholarships

SNAG recently awarded its annual Educational Endowment Scholarships to students and emerging/mid-career artists. Congratulations to each of the recipients!

Member Achievements – June 2015

Jaydan Moore was named the 2015 Emerging Artist by the American Craft Council as part of its Emerging Voices Award. Read about this and other recent member achievements in this week’s news post.

2015 Volunteer Recognition Award

SNAG is pleased to announce that the first recipient of the newly established Volunteer Recognition Award is Harriete Estel Berman. Harriete has been an active volunteer for SNAG for well over 10 years, and a SNAG member and supporter for even longer.

SNAG Student Slide Show 2015- Part 3

SNAG Student Slide Show 2015- Part 2

SNAG Student Slide Show 2015- Part I

Member Achievements – April 2015

Sam Shaw has been named a 2015 Master Craft Artist Award recipient by the Maine Crafts Association. Recipients are selected for demonstrating excellence in craftsmanship, inspired design, a singular voice or style, and a career of service to the field. This and more member achievements in this week’s news post.

In Remembrance: J. Fred Woell

It is with sadness that we share the passing of another metalsmith. J. Fred Woell died April 2, 2015 at his home in Deer Isle, Maine. He was 81.

Technical Article: “Micro TIG: Art Welding” by Sessin Durgham

This article serves as just the tip of the iceberg of the enormous possibilities created by the newest micro welding machines. Lower and lower price points are definitely making this technology available to the individual as well as educational programs.

In Remembrance: Bobby Hansson

Bobby Hansson passed away in March 2015. Hansson was a photographer, author, teacher, tin-can art genius, filmmaker, blacksmith, and more.

In Remembrance: Manfred Bischoff

Manfred Bischoff (1947-2015) was one of the great goldsmiths of Europe. Born in Germany, Bischoff lived and worked in Munich and Berlin before relocating to Italy.

Member Achievements – March 2015

Cheryl Eve Acosta, a jewelry designer based in Kansas City, MO, recently had an unique opportunity to design a brooch for former Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright. The Women’s Foundation of Greater Kansas City commissioned Acosta to create a one-of -a-kind piece to be added to Albright’s brooch collection. See this and more in this week’s news post.

2015 SNAG Lifetime Achievement Award, Fred Fenster

Fred Fenster will be recognized for his accomplishments as a metalsmith artist, his influential role as teacher and educator, and his long association with SNAG as a Founding Member at this year’s SNAG conference in Boston.

Technical Article: “Laser Engraved Enamel” by Erin Turner

Erin Turner, a current metalsmithing & jewelry graduate student at the University of North Texas, has been using laser cutting and etching in a variety of ways in her studio work. When she noticed significant variations in the quality of the etching on different enamels, she began an in-depth testing of them to determine why.

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