In Remembrance: Edith Sommer

June 29, 2015

Edith Sommer feature

Edith Sommer2Edith Sommer passed away in February 2015. Art was a driving force in her life and she was instrumental in the creation of Gallery House in 1958, an artists’ cooperative still thriving in Palo Alto, CA. Born and raised in Chicago and educated at the University of Illinois, Sommer and her husband moved to Palo Alto in 1949.

Edith Sommer
Untitled Necklace: sterling silver, mokume gane, boulder opals, riveted

Her path as an artist began in the early ’50s, and jewelry was her biggest passion. She took classes and workshops throughout her life, studying with masters of the craft. Over the years Sommer added other media to her repertoire, including work with recycled copper she removed from auto radiators, which she fashioned into wearable vests, masks and containers. She recently became interested in adding polymer clay to her silver work. Sommer was a long-time SNAG member.

Edith Sommer: An Artist’s Retrospective will be on exhibition at Palo Alto Art Center Studio Gallery from June 26-September 6, 2015. Opening reception June 27, 1:00-4:00 p.m.


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