A Letter from SNAG’s President, February 2022

February 2, 2022

Stacy Rodgers 2022

Happy New Year! The new year reminds us of the ability to create fresh opportunities both professionally and personally. While it unfortunately began with a resurgence of the pandemic, we remain resilient and retain our hopefulness. Our shared passion for creativity and community is what connects us and allows us to move through adversity with optimism for the future.

SNAG’s community has always felt like family to me. I am so thankful to be serving as the President of SNAG at a time when I needed connection and community the most. By connecting with our members in a deeper way, I can see how much each of you values this organization and community.

I’d like to acknowledge our committee members with a heartfelt thank you for dedicating countless hours to the enrichment of SNAG and our community. The time and dedication that committee members give to volunteering their expertise to SNAG’s various programs is critical to this organization and the foundation of this community. Our Board of Directors deserves a tremendous amount of gratitude for their commitment, support, and belief in this historic organization. The Board came together to sustain SNAG during a time of upheaval and flux. I am beyond grateful to our determined and committed staff for going above and beyond to keep this organization going. SNAG is truly blessed to have incredible people moving the day-to-day operations forward.

The generosity of all those who have contributed monetarily to help SNAG survive, revamp and grow during our annual appeal and throughout the year have my deepest appreciation. Without your generosity, large or small, our Annual Appeal would not have been a success. We set a high goal at the end of 2021 to raise money to develop a new website and despite these trying times you rose to the call with an amazing amount of support for SNAG. I am so grateful to you for your contributions and to have so many contributors give so much is truly an honor. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Because of you, we are moving forward with the development of our new website which will allow us to better serve our membership and the field in new and exciting ways. The website will be visually impressive and provide easier access to current and archived issues of Metalsmith and Metalsmith Tech, a searchable video and resource library, as well as expanded exhibition opportunities. I’m extremely excited for its launch this spring, so stay tuned for the release update!

Looking to the future I am thrilled for the return of our 50th Annual Conference, June 1st-4th in Providence, RI. One of the oldest cities in the United States, Providence has a rich history in jewelry manufacturing, accounting for one quarter of the nation’s jewelry production during its peak. Explore the exciting and invigorating ways regional contemporary jewelers and metalsmiths recognize the past to create hope and innovation for the future through all of our conference programs. Come to SNAG’s conference to gain new creative inspiration and foster lifelong bonds of collaboration and friendship within the jewelry and metals community. I look forward to joining you in-person at the 2022 conference and sharing in all the fun and laughter that we have missed over the past two years. Early bird registration runs through March 31st. 

We will also be holding elections for new Board members in conjunction with our 2022 conference. Becoming an active member of the Board gives YOU a voice in shaping the future of this organization. As a member of SNAG, please consider running for one of the several positions opening up this spring. The SNAG Nominations and Elections Committee is looking for individuals to serve on the Board, a student representative, as well as a new President. We will be holding a virtual Board Service Q&A Session this Sunday, February 6th at 1:00 pm Eastern. If you are interested in discovering more about Board service you can register for the meeting here.

SNAG has been around for more than 50 years, inspiring creativity, encouraging education, and fostering community. It is an extraordinary accomplishment for a non-profit organization. Thank you to everyone past and present for giving heart and soul to this organization for over a half a century. Because of your generosity to this community I have every faith that SNAG will reach its 100th Anniversary and I can’t wait to be part of that milestone! And to the future volunteers, Board members and contributors, your vision will help SNAG evolve into a robust organization based on creativity, equity, diversity, inclusion, and community. Thank you in advance for contributing your voice, time and donations to the betterment of this community, I hope you find it as rewarding as I have.

Thank you! I wish you all a year full of creativity and hope!

Stacy Rodgers
SNAG Board President


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