New Lifetime Achievement Award Design

March 18, 2022


Announcing the winner of SNAG’s competition for a new Lifetime Achievement Award design. Youjin Um has created this piece, “Memory of Object,” made of sterling silver, which will be used as the Award.

Youjin Um is a SNAG member who lives in Seoul, Korea.

“I am a metal craft designer, I like the natural properties of cold metal materials, especially the clear and transparent colors of silver. The beginning of my work is to create drawings in advance and model them in paper to virtually grasp the real feeling. Then, after attaching drawings and leaving a mark on the silver plate, they begin to project. Through the way I pierce and express myself one by one, I feel healing, relief, and happiness in life. ”

About “Memory of Object”:
“It can be recognized that the creator’s object is not a mere object of conventional meaning, but a meaningful object that originated from the appearance of one’s own life and personal experience.

Repeat rearranging and reassembling the memory pieces one by one, scattered through the exposed and abandoned traces.

The process of rediscovering the meaning and value of life in the objectified object that projected something is only possible through the method and reason of constant self-censorship.”

The SNAG Lifetime Achievement Award is presented each year to an individual who has made significant contributions to the field of metalsmithing. The recipient of the 2022 Award will be announced soon.

Thank you Youjin for the beautiful new design!

Photo: Kwangchoon Park


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