Open Call for Handouts for H21 Version 4

February 23, 2024


It’s BACK!
Open call for handouts for the 4th edition of the H21 series!

Nicole Jacquard and Linda Tien are requesting materials to be considered for a 4th version of the popular Handouts from the 21st Century booklets. Inspired by Fred Woell’s Handouts from the 20th Century, each version of Handouts from the 21st Century includes numerous handouts and teaching aids.

Please consider submitting a handout or two to be published in the 4th version which will be on sale at the SNAG x San Diego conference and on the SNAG website.

Sections in the booklet are (but not limited to):
1. Skills and Techniques
2. Professional Practice
3. Teaching Assignments and Projects

If you would like to participate, please share a handout or two that you would approve to be included. Email Nicole at and we will send you:

  • A release form giving SNAG permission to print/reproduce your handout for the project
  • A link to a folder in a Google Drive that includes:
    • An Excel sign up sheet with the 3 categories listed (so people can designate what handout they would like to share and avoid duplication).
    • Folders to upload your handout — please upload a PDF in order to maintain formatting; please remove all page numbers.
    • Folder to upload a short bio and any contact information you wish to share.

Proceeds from the sale of all H21s go directly to SNAG, with a portion donated to Haystack in honor of the J. Fred Woell Scholarship fund.

Deadline to upload documents is May 6, 2024.


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