2024 IMPACT Awards, Susie Ganch

April 15, 2024

Susie Ganch

The SNAG IMPACT Awards selection committee has named Susie Ganch as one of the inaugural award recipients. This initiative celebrates and supports artists making extraordinary contributions to the ever-evolving field of jewelry and metalsmithing. These awards are presented to two practitioners whose hand-crafted work has demonstrated notable impact in the areas of socially responsible practice, sustainability, technical innovation, and/or creative innovation.

Please recycle this bag series: “Eyes Emoji”, “Necklace for a Narwhal”
“Landscape 2: Purisima”, Lids, Bottles, Collected beads, Silk thread, 2019

Here are some of the highlights that the nominator shared about Susie Ganch’s contributions to the field:

“As the founder of Radical Jewelry Makeover and the strongest proponent for ethical metalsmithing in the field of contemporary jewelry and metals, Susie is a lighthouse for myriad educators and artists.

…In 2007, Susie co-founded Radical Jewelry Makeover, an innovative community mining project that raises awareness of the connection between mining, metalsmithing, activism, collaboration and art. The project is both performance and event, linking recycling, reuse and collaborative work sessions with the creation of unique, innovative, handmade jewelry, concluding with an exhibition and reception.

…Susie serves on the education committee for Ethical Metalsmiths and helps facilitate their student-led annual exhibition. She is a founder and facilitator of a project called The International State of Practice which interrogates classrooms and curricula in an effort to meaningfully integrate social justice and environmental justice into the teaching of art and craft in higher education.

…Her commitment to educating both new and established artists and makers about the environmental impact of their practice is not just innovative; it happens to be one of the most important mantles an educator in our field has ever taken on. Because of her dedication to ethical metalsmithing, over three dozen colleges and universities have drastically shifted the way they source materials and maintain studios, all for the greater benefit of the environment.

…Susie shapes her students’ making practice towards a broader commitment to ethical methodology. ”


Susie will be formally recognized at the SNAG Conference in San Diego, CA in June 2024.

“Untitled”, Lids, Collected beads, Silk thread, 2019


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