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Adorned Spaces is comprised of mini pop-up exhibitions presented by curators, organizations, schools, and individuals offering a fresh look at the field of contemporary metalsmithing & jewelry. This juried event highlights both established and emerging artists and celebrate innovations in metalsmithing and adornment.

A special closing reception & sale was held on June 7th.

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2024 Exhibitions

I Dare You: Transgressions and Permutations

Features a web of collaboration among four artists, all graduate students in San José State University’s Master of Fine Arts program. Each artist began by…

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“Can you help me with my hair?” How Girlhood Extends to Metalworking

Showcases the work of the SDSU Jewelry Student Coop, a student-led club in charge of organizing unique learning experiences for everything Jewelry and Metals. As…

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Charms From Charm City

In addition to its role as ornament, jewelry serves as a vessel for emotional sentiment and material value. These three roles are perfectly encapsulated in…

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The Trip

The trip is rooted in the interconnected nature of experiences during a journey. A trip, whether physical, spiritual, or personal growth, is a sequence of…

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Iowa Idea

A survey of work from University of Iowa Jewelry & Metal Arts program students, staff and faculty who are committed to integrating new technology and…

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Light & Shadow

Hsinyu Candy Chu. “Light & Shadow” illustrates the connections and relationships between opposing forces, cycles, and elements in both philosophical and artistic contexts. The application…

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I am ring jeweled by Damascus

Heba Barazi. Humans are the only living species on this planet concerned with beautifying their world with art. For me, making beautiful objects of art…

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NSCAD Color Wheel

Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University students were challenged to find individual links in the work they are creating with a color. A…

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Objects in Space

Lesley Aine McKeown. Interpretations of the nature of the universe as seen through a jeweler eye. The nature of space presents perfect examples of order,…

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The exhibition showcases the union of two crafts and craftswomen from Chiapas in Mexico and Mompox in Colombia through the design and finishing that takes…

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Contemporary Filigree, Connected by Tradition

This exhibition highlights the talents of seven artist who are connected by a mutual passion for the art of filigree. While they all interpret this…

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Forming Links

Work from San Diego high schools and teen programs showing a variety of work that demonstrates the skills they have been learning in their classes….

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Brittney Hampton and Jordan Scott. This exhibition features work inspired by natural forms, realized in metal. Hampton and Scott are engaged with the forms found…

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FEAST [Chi Ba! 吃吧!]

Doris Chou-Durfee. Community and connection as embodied in FEAST [Chi Ba! 吃吧!] relate directly to “links” between people as individuals and artists. The current state…

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Mothers in Craft

Even though “motherhood” has been a constant subject matter in the art for centuries, ironically, many female artists disappear entirely from the art world by…

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Inner Punk

Sunyoung Cheong and Jina Seo. The concept of “inner punk” emerges as a powerful expression of rebellion and authenticity. While punk music and culture have…

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Humanity and Nature

Francesca MacKie. MacKie is curious about the interaction between humans and nature and the environments we create together. The inspiration behind the work is largely…

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The Missing Twin

We’ve all lost an earring before, perhaps as a child, in a move, on a trip; and we know the sadness, nostalgia, and retracing of…

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Animal’s Reproduction and Representation

Yeseul Seo and Ye-jee Lee. Seo expresses her emotions and desires about animals, which she has felt at certain events in her life. Lee expresses…

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The Observed Pattern

Junmin Bae and Hanna Kim. Bae visually structuralizes the pattern observable in the microworld image. Kim expresses coincidental crack-patterns, which can be observed in strange…

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Work by Ho Oi Ying Valerie. In the heart of Hong Kong, where whispers of dissent echo through the narrow streets, “STORE ROOT” emerges as…

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MASSC Metals Arts Challenge of 2023

The Metal Arts Society of Southern California (MASSC) has been promoting creative metal arts for over 60 years.  One example of MASSC’s continuation of support…

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A juried selection of work from undergraduate and graduate students in the metals and jewelry design studio at Rochester Institute of Technology. The word “Intersection”…

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Ring on a String

Presented by the University of Georgia. In recognition of the 1st National Ring Show that started in Athens, GA and traveled the country by Greyhound…

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This opportunity is an open call. Deadline: December 20, 2023. Free to apply. See below for fee for accepted exhibitors. Closing reception will be open to the public.

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