Brittney Hampton_Adorned Spaces 2024


Brittney Hampton and Jordan Scott.

This exhibition features work inspired by natural forms, realized in metal. Hampton and Scott are engaged with the forms found on land and in the water, respectively, and they explore and interpret these forms through a wide variety of metalsmithing techniques. In her work, Hampton creates a range of three-dimensional forms by enameling knitted wire with a combination of opaque and transparent enamels. The forms do not mimic any specific plant or structure, yet they create something that feels like it was cut from the same cloth. Scott’s work grows from her fascination with the ocean and the many creatures that live therein. Through her work Scott creates a mythological narrative of the ocean that draws viewers in and leads them to appreciate the beauty and diversity of underwater ecosystems.

“Aqua/Terra” places these two realms of nature side by side, water by land, just as they are placed in the world. The included works explore the shape, color, texture and forms found in nature, ranging from mossy greens to deep reds that are knitted, folded, woven, and shaped into intricate and beautiful pieces. Although the flora and fauna that live underwater or on land are often restricted to one sphere or the other, the forms found in both may overlap, sharing qualities such as color, shape, detail, and translucence. Together Hampton and Scott present a snapshot of our world and its intricacy, translated into wearable art.

Image: Brittney Hampton

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