Azita Mireshghi

Azita Mireshghi

SNAG Board Candidate
Azita Mireshghi is an Iranian-American metalsmith and studio artist based out of Santa Monica, California. She obtained her Master of Fine Arts in Jewelry and Metal Arts in 2016.

She has spent her entire life traveling back and forth to Iran and has a deep-rooted connection to Iranian culture and art. Her work explores emotions through jewelry and is process-driven, by creating textures and patterns. She focuses on making work that is strong and bold, meant to incite an internal response and increase confidence for the wearer.

Statement of Interest:
I would like to be of service to SNAG and be more involved in the metalsmithing community. SNAG is an incredible platform with a very far reach and I want to give back in any way that I can, as I am forever grateful to all the opportunities that have come into my life through this incredible organization.

I am a member of the Board of my family business that was started by my father over 50 years ago. I have also helped start two healthcare companies and work as a Business consultant to three. I have really strong business management skills, including marketing and networking. I am an experienced support professional, working with C-level executives for over 7 years. I am and have been involved in every aspect of running and managing a business for 6 years, from finances to HR/hiring to marketing and advertisement, etc.

As an artist and a metalsmith, I would still consider myself at the emerging part of my career. Since graduate school, most of my time was devoted to the above-mentioned businesses and my art career was very slow to start. I am now finally able to devote my time equally to both parts of my career. Since my beginnings as a metalsmith, I have obtained my MFA, been in numerous magazines and publications, and am currently trying to make my way into the world of jewelry for film and TV. I am always looking to expand my reach as an artist and am very passionate about being involved in all the facets of what being an artist and metalsmith looks like.

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