Hana Foo (Small Lamb's Destruction)

“Can you help me with my hair?” How Girlhood Extends to Metalworking

Showcases the work of the SDSU Jewelry Student Coop, a student-led club in charge of organizing unique learning experiences for everything Jewelry and Metals. As a visual representation of our collective coming of age and metalworking journeys, we will represent our community bonds through a scene of girls getting ready together in a bedroom. The setting in which girls exchange feedback, laugh, banter, push each other, and grow together is found in both collegiate level communities, and nostalgic memories of hanging out in a cramped room. A centerpiece of a vanity will contain mementos that represent our different backgrounds. We will utilize organized maximalism, and paint the picture of girlhood with everyone’s work surrounding vanity. To distinguish members’ works, pieces will be separated by colors and accessories that are representative and personal to the maker’s message.
Last but not least there will be an interactive portion where the viewer can interact with the wig chair and place hair accessories both bought and made by the participants for the exhibition.

Image: Hana Foo

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