Andrea Terry_Adorned Spaces 2024

Contemporary Filigree, Connected by Tradition

This exhibition highlights the talents of seven artist who are connected by a mutual passion for the art of filigree. While they all interpret this art with varying aesthetics, they are all linked by twisted wire that compels them make a beautiful composition. Some interpret filigree through lines, squiggles, circles zig zags or scrolls, others through the addition of other techniques, such as enameling or chasing and repousee. They are all connected to the past by a technique that has been passed down through generations of artisans, to the present by making their art, and to the future by instructing new pupils to keep the technique alive. Artists include: Milt Fischbein, Victoria Lansford, Nora McMullen, Chase Shotton, Andrea Terry, Racheal Montoya and Sishi Wang.

Image: Andrea Terry

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