Marilyn Koch

Corporeal Threshold

Hope through JEWELRY:
Many aspects of our current society have been reduced to its basic armature, as we have modeled and remodeled elements of everyday life that have been unquestioned for generations. And as we are sorting out how to manage remnants of these unquestioned standards of living, we are required to utilize creative problem solving to rebuild our Almost-Post-COVID world.

We have developed new relationships- utilizing digital gatherings and social media to be close but socially distanced. We have asked about the norms of our physical appearances. How has this affected ourselves and each other? Has this changed how we treat each other? We have been given the circumstances to develop a society we would actually like to live in, starting with ourselves.

Jiangliu Dong and Marilyn Koch take advantage of manipulating self-perception by using contemporary jewelry that plays with the unique relationship between artist, viewer, and wearer. Their work deals with boundaries within ourselves, interactions, and the connections between other bodies. Since we have collectively suffered from isolation, Dong and Koch aim to create an opportunity to heal from the COVID pandemic trauma we have all felt by inviting the audience to join the exhibition as participants and to mend our touch-starved relationships through the power of wearability.

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