Ebenezer Akakpo

Ebenezer Akakpo

My presentation will illuminate the profound interplay between my cultural background and skillset by tracing a trajectory from age-old influences to contemporary reimagining. By exploring these facets, I aim to highlight how tradition and innovation coexist in my work and highlight the symbiotic relationship between my heritage and my creative aspirations.  

With over twenty years of experience, Ebenezer Akakpo is a seasoned designer with a unique blend of industrial and jewelry design expertise. As the Founder and Lead Designer of Akakpo Design Group, he brings his origins from Ghana, his education in Italy, and his qualifications, including a BFA in Metalsmithing and Jewelry from the Maine College of Art & Design, as well as an MFA in Industrial and Product Design from the Rochester Institute of Technology. His creative endeavors revolve around using Ghanaian symbols to craft culturally resonant and personally meaningful patterns on functional art pieces and exquisite jewelry.

A significant accomplishment in 2022 was his triumph in a national contest for his bus stop design, skillfully integrating traditional Ghanaian symbols. This remarkable creation now embellishes Congress Street in Portland as a beacon of hope and friendship while exemplifying his unique ability to blend tradition with contemporary design.


IG: @akakpoandco


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