Doris Chou Durfee_Adorned Spaces 2024

FEAST [Chi Ba! 吃吧!]

Doris Chou-Durfee.

Community and connection as embodied in FEAST [Chi Ba! 吃吧!] relate directly to “links” between people as individuals and artists. The current state of the news shows us how increasingly divided and polarized we are — politically, religiously, economically, socially — and Chou-Durfee believes art has the power to help bring us closer and remind us of our common humanity. There is something universal about sharing a meal with another person and gaining the comfort of their company. There is also the realization that beauty exists in the smallest of details and the every day. These are two of the things that link us and are part of the human experience. FEAST [Chi Ba! 吃吧!] was designed with these sentiments in mind.

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