Heba Barazi_Adorned Spaces 2024

I am ring jeweled by Damascus

Heba Barazi.

Humans are the only living species on this planet concerned with beautifying their world with art. For me, making beautiful objects of art is to experience my humanity. Making beautiful objects of art loaded with meaning and purpose is to bring humanity to the experience of my world. Recognizing the strong bond we form with objects, especially jewellery, I chose to make wearable art that not only adorn but can also carry meaning to places and people beyond what a displayed and stationary art object can.

I created a series of rings to tell a Syrian story different than that being told of war and destruction. The story is inspired by one of Syria’s most famous poets, Nizar Qabbani who wrote “I am a ring jeweled by Damascus…” Each ring design in the story is in turn inspired by other poetry verses romanticizing the beauty and nature of the Syrian land. With this story, I am trying to remind people that Syria is not just war, it is a rich land of natural beauty and a people with a long history of literature and culture.

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