I Dare You: Transgressions and Permutations

Features a web of collaboration among four artists, all graduate students in San José State University’s Master of Fine Arts program. Each artist began by producing four multiples. Three pieces were then passed off to the other three artists to complete. The fourth remains unchanged to show the original artist’s unaltered concept. This “call and response” style collaboration produced 16 unique pieces of adornment, 12 of them linked by process or concept.

Laamsha Young works at the intersection of control and chance, precision and intuition, tradition and transgression.

Mary Morse finds inspiration from the constructed world around us. Morse’s eye is drawn to light, space, and structures of urban life.

Cynthia Yadira Gonzalez’s multimedia sculptures evolve out of a childlike imagination tainted with adult themes.

For Andrew Marovich, the process of making is the art; the resulting object is the relic of the maker. Drawn to laborious and repetitive processes, he can be found hammering away on metal for hours.

These four artists have come together to find common ground and weave their diverse voices into a visually striking exhibition that pushes the boundaries of adornment.

Image: Andrew Marovich

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