Ìtùnú Omótósò

Ìtùnúolúwapèlúmi Omótósò

Ìtùnúolúwapèlúmi Omótósò is a self-taught multi-disciplinary artist based in Ogun state, Nigeria. Their artistic practice is characterised by experimentation and collaboration, spanning paintings, jewellery making, sculpture installations, and performances.

Central to their artistic practice is the convergence of self-observation, self-expression, environmental awareness, and fruitful collaborations with others. They view the material world as an integral part of their creative process, with their body serving as a primary medium for expression, whether through performances, working with upcycled materials, or paintings. This approach allows them to tap into their emotions and experiences.

Ìtùnúolúwapèlúmi’s artistic focus revolves around people as mediums, mental health, and the environment, exploring the multifaceted layers of human reality. They believe that their artistic practice serves as a means of nurturing and healing themselves, allowing them to impact their surroundings positively.

In summary, Ìtùnúolúwapèlúmi Omótósò is a talented artist whose work reflects their dedication to creativity, collaboration, and making a positive difference in the world through their art.

IG: @itunuwires

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