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Julie Harris

Julie Harris is a jeweler specializing in intricate craftsmanship and modern designs. Her work centers on creating dynamic pieces that expertly walk the line between sculptural and wearable, bringing geometric beauty and intensive attention to detail to the wearable arts. Harris began her career at the age of 14 working at her parent’s jewelry store, which sparked her interest in the world of design and craft. Under the tutelage of Jane Groover, Arline Fisch, Helen Shirk, and Wendy Maruyama, Harris honed her skills at Grossmont College, San Diego State University, and the Gemological Institute of America, earning degrees in Applied Design and Manufacturing Arts.

Harris worked and apprenticed with several goldsmiths across multiple jewelry stores in San Diego including Taboo Studio before co-opening her own store, Jewels on Fifth. After seven years, Harris left Jewels on Fifth in the summer of 2020 to become the new owner of Taboo Studio. At Taboo Studio, Harris works creating custom jewelry pieces from exquisite stones and precious metals, as well as hosting a gallery of work from over 30 different artists both local and international. Taboo Studio has been a center for artistic inspiration and creation for 35 years, an immersive experience in the world of fine jewelry and skilled craft.


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