Hsinyu Candy Chu_Adorned Spaces 2024

Light & Shadow

Hsinyu Candy Chu.

“Light & Shadow” illustrates the connections and relationships between opposing forces, cycles, and elements in both philosophical and artistic contexts. The application of Feng-Shui principles to create balance and invite luck in homes further reinforces the concept of establishing “links” between different energies. In the context of jewelry creation, the interplay between light and shadow as opposing yet complementary forces symbolizes the dynamic links between contrasting aspects. The incorporation of Suminagashi, a Japanese paper marbling technique, represents a link between cultural influences and artistic expression. The use of this technique with paper-thin porcelain v.s LED lights connects traditional methods with contemporary materials, emphasizing the link between the past and the present. Furthermore, the exhibition emphasizes the link between different sensory experiences, such as the visual impact of swirling patterns and the play of light through translucent porcelain. The contrasts between black and white, light and shadow, demonstrate the inseparable link between these elements and how they coexist in harmony.

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