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MASSC Metals Arts Challenge of 2023

The Metal Arts Society of Southern California (MASSC) has been promoting creative metal arts for over 60 years.  One example of MASSC’s continuation of support of these goals is the sponsoring of a membership (non-juried) annual artist challenge, that culminates in a public exhibition.

The MASSC Metal Arts Challenge exhibition of 2023 is a presentation of 25-30 pieces of jewelry/metalwork. MASSC welcomes all individuals who have an interest in metalworking. The Society has a membership with a range of skill-sets and they were provided nine basic materials to use in the production of a piece.  There was an optional choice of one wildcard to incorporate into their piece. The pieces in this exhibition were the individual members’ solutions to the problem-solving challenge. MASSC developed the Metals Challenge (formally called the Jewelry Challenge) based on Linda Kopp’s Jewelry Design Challenge book.  As Ms. Kopp stated “from ordinary elements came genius”.  The MASSC Metals Challenge has been so successful that it is now in its 10th year.


Image: Lisa Mueller

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