Mothers in Craft_Adorned Spaces 2024

Mothers in Craft

Even though “motherhood” has been a constant subject matter in the art for centuries, ironically, many female artists disappear entirely from the art world by discontinuing their practice or changing to a new medium or technique once they have children. The impact of having children in craft is much more critical because disciplines like metalsmithing or ceramics require heavy equipment, various tools, and chemicals unsuitable for home studios with young children. To address this issue to the public and to support artist-mothers, Sunyoung Cheong created a curatorial project, “Mothers in Craft.” Twelve artists working in metals and printmaking who are mothers were invited to participate. Most of these artists are based in South Korea and the U.S. Instead of focusing on their careers, their primary roles have been as mothers, caregivers, and homemakers who sacrificed their studio time for their families. Artists with young children are the most vulnerable and have an entrenched fear of doing art again. This curatorial project investigates why motherhood impacts the lives of visual artists, particularly in the craft discipline like metals. It also allows thinking about creating a sustainable platform for talented artist-mothers in future art practice. This project is not only to provide a platform to exhibit their professional work but also to create a community to support each other and share thoughts and advice on how to sustain art practice.

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