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Philip Omodamwen

Phil Omodamwen is a 6th generation Benin bronze caster in Nigeria. Born in Benin City in 1971 into the Omodamwen’s family which belongs to the Benin bronze guild. “My family came into the guild in 1504 AD and proudly keeps alive over 500 years heritage of bronze casting and brought in a lot of innovations to the bronze casting industry in Benin City. I was born and I have lived all my life in a residential apartment that housed our Foundry in the same premises. So I started sculpting since I was a kid because I grew up in the workshop. The father to son syndrome goes from one generation to another. I have had so many exhibitions locally and internationally and my works are on display in various museums in Europe and America. I am also an advocate for the reparations and restitution of the Benin bronzes that were forcefully taken away by the British in 1897.”



Transforming Tradition

Artists whose work is inspired by historical forms, techniques or practices in West Africa today. Each artist will give a brief presentation of their work on the Main Stage, followed […]

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