Plan B Art Project

Plan B

Plan B is a group art project designed to call attention to the current state of a woman’s/and a person’s right to make choices for their own body. Art has always been a symbolic tool to bring societal injustices to light, and the Plan B project is a subtle nod to our past and – more disturbingly – the ability to seek a safe method of ending a pregnancy in this country. For this project, each artist may either choose from one of four types of small silver Amphora bottles (Each bottle measures 1-2 inches) OR create their own interpretation of an amphora form. The Amphora bottle symbolizes vintage pharmaceutical bottles and historical methods used to end pregnancies through abortifacient herbs and poisons.
25% of proceeds from the sale of each artwork will go to Planned Parenthood. We are also hoping to create a catalog and a webspace for the show so that we may continue to sell Amphora forms.

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