Julian De La Garza

Set in Stone

The work of this exhibition shows the divergent approach to material, design and technique that the students and alumni from the jewelry/metals program at Rhode Island College. The work will encompass a wide variety of techniques such as repousee, raising, stone setting, construction and wax casting. It is through the interaction of their passion, inspiration, and efforts that the character of this program is formed.
The purpose of this program is to develop the verbal, visual, and technical skills necessary for designing, executing, and evaluating works in metal.
Students are introduced the basic skills, tools, and concepts employed in the field of Metalsmithing and Jewelry. Jewelry and metalwork are viewed in their historical context through the study of past and contemporary works in metal. Emphasis is placed on the individual’s exploration of techniques, materials, and concepts resulting in body adornment and metal objects as a personal statement. The exhibition will highlight the diverse work that emerges from this exploration.

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