Ian Henderson

Solve et Coagula

We are three artist each working in a different media, with a common methodology which emphasizes intuitive, gradual, accretion-based development of our works. Rather than assembling from components and fabricating to follow a design plan, and rather than performing freeform experimentation; we engage with our materials as though they were the growing cells within a living body, or the strata in a geological formation.

Jenine Bressner uses intense heat to bring glass to a fluid state just long enough to shape and fuse it to yet more glass before it cools and coagulates into a rigid crystalline solid, repeating upon itself into the forms of sea life, botanical forms, and vaporous clouds.

Clint Fulkerson starts with a single mark on paper, and builds further marks outward following defined relationships he has determined they must all maintain with one another, until their totality cascades across the page in waves of undulating geometric lattices which read as both mechanical and supremely human.

Ian Henderson builds segmented, incremental forms out of layered cross-sections of flexible rubber tubing, whose forms emerge through gradual transformation of repetition across a forged aluminum wire armature, which in turn is built as an intuitive response to a brief calligraphic gesture made with brush on page.

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