Store Root_Adorned Spaces 2024


Work by Ho Oi Ying Valerie.

In the heart of Hong Kong, where whispers of dissent echo through the narrow streets, “STORE ROOT” emerges as a clandestine haven for the silent voices navigating the delicate web of the National Security Law. Born from the crucible of artistic expression, this exhibition stands as a visual protest system, a daring intervention into the hazy realm of political censorship.

The genesis of “STORE ROOT” lies in the looming shadows cast by the National Security Law, a legislative specter introduced in 2020 by the Chinese Government. The law, ostensibly designed to safeguard national security, has cast a pervasive veil over Hong Kong, ensnaring its citizens in a labyrinth of undefined boundaries and concealed red lines. This exhibition is a response, a rallying cry for those whose voices have been muffled, a symbolic rebellion against the oppressive silence that hangs thick in the air.

The title “STORE ROOT” holds multiple layers of significance. It resonates with the notion of home, a sanctuary for those seeking refuge from the storm of political uncertainty. Simultaneously, it serves as a nod to the origin of a movement—the root of the struggle for autonomy and freedom. Moreover, “ROOT” echoes the rallying cry of the 2019 protests in Hong Kong, embodying the spirit of “Revolution Of Our Time,” a slogan that reverberates through the corridors of dissent.

The centerpiece of this visual protest system is a collection of meticulously crafted political buttons, T-shirts, stickers, keychains, and postcards. Each item is imbued with a coded language, a subversive tapestry of symbols that dances on the fringes of satire and populism. In the face of an oppressive regime, these artifacts serve as a metaphorical shield for those who dare to wear them—a form of encrypted resistance against the erosion of basic freedoms.

The artist, acutely aware of the challenges faced by citizens living under the weight of the National Security Law, envisions “STORE ROOT” as more than an exhibition—it is a sanctuary, a space where dissent can find expression without compromising safety. The coded symbols become a secret handshake, a silent nod of solidarity among those who dare to engage with the wearable objects. In the act of wearing these objects, participants become part of an underground movement, pushing back against the suffocating constraints of censorship.

“STORE ROOT” is not merely a showcase of artistic prowess; it is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity. It invites visitors to step into a world where jewelry transcends mere adornment, transforming into a language of resistance and a beacon of hope. In the heart of Hong Kong, where the political landscape is ever-shifting, “STORE ROOT” stands as a reminder that even in the darkest corners, the seeds of dissent can take root and flourish.



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