Maria Camera-Smith

Structured Observation

Work by Maria Camera-Smith.

Series of large-scale, hammer formed necklaces. The content within these necklaces, heavily influenced by nature, reflects the inspiring, continual growth of the art jewelry/metalsmithing fields. The visual elements are aesthetically based in common, creative aesthetic hallmarks of the Art Nouveau movement, where the decorative arts flourished during the turn of the twentieth century. During this time, the romantic focus on the “perfect” natural environment reflected a hopefulness for growth in handicraft practices as resistance to a changing world. These themes are a foundation I rely upon while designing in jewelry formats and serve as a basis of inspiration. The historical and cultural threads that persist through jewelry allow one to place things into a context that can be both expressive and introspective. Much of my work pulls from nature and humankind’s relationship with it. I craft art jewelry pieces to enable myself to process the exotic-to-me, southern Floridian landscape that I currently find myself in, while also digging into the roots of who I am as a maker.

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