Jason Stein

Temporal Resonance: A Metamorphosis

Work by Jason Stein.

With this new body of work I will explore the idea of transformation and discovery through the re-purposing and re-contextualization of found objects and materials. This will create juxtapositions and states of conflict and interplay between disparate elements such as control and chaos, industrial versus organic, and the ancient or futuristic. These jewelry and wearable sculpture pieces will serve as talismans, relics, and touchstones for contemplation and admiration. My studio practice involves the subtle and subversive manipulation of found objects and materials. I deconstruct found objects into their constituent parts and manipulate their structure and form to subvert their original aesthetics and function. I collect and catalog found objects and materials that speak to my visual and conceptional framework of control, hidden systems and structures, and metamorphosis. I also deeply love the process of casting metal and using heat and fire to modify and reconstitute metal components through the careful application of brazing, fusing, and melting processes. This chaotic and often dramatic process of alchemy and creation gives birth to new forms and ways of thinking about beauty, adornment, and the creative studio process.

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