Sarah Holden_Adorned Spaces 2024

The Missing Twin

We’ve all lost an earring before, perhaps as a child, in a move, on a trip; and we know the sadness, nostalgia, and retracing of steps in the hunt, but we keep the missing twin in our jewelry box. “The Missing Twin” is an invitational exhibition comprised of Jewelers and Metalsmiths from around the United States (including Lyndsay Rice, Sarah Holden, Yevgeniya Kaganovich, Ashley Bohne, Chance Gordon) who were asked to recreate the missing earring of a pair that already exist and exhibit it alongside the original. This is an exhibition of memory, longing, mending, wholeness, and sentiment through the lens of an ordinary and ubiquitous experience, losing a piece of jewelry.

Image: Sarah Holden

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