Conferences Prior to 2002


2001 Richmond, VA Material Considerations
2000 Cambridge, MA The Status of the Hand
1999 St. Louis, MO Reaching Out
1998 Seattle, WA Settings
1997 Albuquerque, NM Enchantment of Diversity
1996 Washington, DC Capital Assets
1995 New Orleans, LA Celebrations
1994 Portland, OR Transformations—Personal Artistic Evolution
1993 Cincinatti, OH Celebrating a New Metals Order
1992 Providence, RI American Metalsmithing: A Diversity of Intent
1991 Atlanta, GA Metalmorphosis
1990 San Francisco, CA Bridges
1989 San Antonio, TX Remembering the Alamo
1988 Saratoga Springs, NY Twentieth Anniversary of SNAG
1987 Bloomfield Hills, MI The American Sensibility
1986 Flagstaff, AZ New Frontiers
1985 Toronto, Canada An International Gathering
1984 New York, NY Jewelry: Art and Industry
1983 Pacific Grove, CA Professionalism for the Artist-Designer
1982 Chicago, IL (Annual Meeting with lectures and events added on)
1981 Lawrence, KA Research and Developments in Education, Business and Industry
1980 Tucson, AZ Contemporary Copper
1979 Boston, MA Historical, Traditional & Contemporary Ideas in Metal
1978 St. Louis, MO From Concept to Consumer: The Business of Being a Goldsmith
1977 Seattle, WA
1976 Cleveland, OH Changing design concepts and technical innovation
1975 St. Louis, MO Evaluation of SNAG’s future
1974 Washington, D.C.
1972 New York, NY Historical Research
1970 St. Paul, MN First International Conference of Metalsmiths

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