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Galen Boone The SIREN I - Roach Collar + Frond Loincloth, 2018 13.5 x 13.5 in. Bronze, silk, velvet Photo by the artist

Galen Boone The SIREN I - Roach Collar + Frond Loincloth, 2018 13.5 x 13.5 in. Bronze, silk, velvet Photo by the artist


Metalsmith magazine invites submissions to a juried call for photography. Yes, that’s right, photography. We are seeking creatively styled images of artist-made jewelry, adornment, and metalsmithing in all forms and materials that tell a story and present works outside of the typical white background. 

Since Metalsmith’s founding in 1980, the relationship between images of jewelry/metalsmithing and the print publication has shifted tremendously. From analog slides and transparencies shot on film, to the rise of digital photography, to the ever increasing quality of cell phones cameras, the way artist-made objects are documented and presented continues to evolve. Beyond technological developments, the ubiquity of social media and the necessity of presenting work to online audiences has shifted the style and range of presentations of jewelry, adornment, and metalwork. It is now commonplace for artists to not only photograph their own work, but to fill the roles of creative director, stylist, model, and hair and make-up artists. 

This call invites the questions: what depths of expression are possible when we push the boundaries of object documentation? What happens when we eschew the field’s standards of capturing a clear image of our works on a neutral background, or straightforward displays of work on a body? What enrichment is available when the work becomes part of a scene and a scene becomes part of a piece?


Call opens: Dec 1, 2022

Call closes: May 15, 2023, 11:59pm EST - DEADLINE HAS PASSED

Selected artist notified: September 2023

Selected Artists appear in print: November 2023

Submissions appear online: December 2023

Galen Boone
The WARRIOR (pectoral  and pubic shield), 2018
13 x 8.5 in. ; 7 x 4 in.
hammer-formed copper, chasing & repoussé, vitreous enamel, leather
Photo: Alexander Wang
Galen Boone The WARRIOR (pectoral and pubic shield), 2018 THIRDSEX series 13 x 8.5 in. ; 7 x 4 in. hammer-formed copper, chasing & repoussé, vitreous enamel, leather Photo: Alexander Wang
Metalsmith 33-4 2013 EIP cover



Jill Fannon is a Baltimore-based artist and photographer. She shoots regularly for BmoreArt’s print journals, especially Wearable Art photo essays, and online at BmoreArt.com. On the weekends, Jill photographs the Ravens cheerleaders, usually when they are midair. Most recently, she exhibited a selection of images from her series Care in the Garden at the Parlor Space in an exhibition titled Memento Mori, curated by Catherine Borg. Other Clients include: The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore Jewelry Center, Maryland Institute College of Art, University of Maryland, Baltimore County and United Way of Central Maryland.

IG: @jfannonphoto

website: jfannonphotography.com


Mazzi Odu is a writer, editor and cultural consultant based in Lagos, Nigeria. Of Ugandan descent, her work has focused on jewellery, fashion, art, and design and the way that cultural identity is informed and evolves through the usage and meaning we place in the items we wear, create and collect.
Her written work has been included in a number of international publications, with credits in US Vogue, British Vogue, Wallpaper*, Vanity Fair, Town & Country, Tatler and Nataal. She has also contributed to the NYC Jewelry Week programming as both an interviewer and regional expert panellist and, moderated at Gold West Africa, Lagos. In 2016, she founded Magnus Oculus a blog focused on providing in depth analyses of the most significant creative talents within the jewellery and fashion landscapes.

IG: @mazziodu // @magnusoculus

website: http://magnusoculus.com/

EiP 2008


This should be an artist-directed installation and creative documentation of an artist-made object. Artists can collaborate with other creatives to create an installation and image. However ALL contributors to the process must be properly credited for their role.


What are we looking for?
We want to see thoughtfully arranged, creatively styled, conceptually driven, editorially-minded images of artist-made jewelry, adornment, and metalwork.

What do we mean by an editorially-minded image?
The German word gesamtkunstwerk (a total-work-of-art) comes to mind. We are looking for an image that tells a story. A scene that complements or enhances the aesthetics or concepts of your original artwork.

What kind of original artwork is eligible?
All varieties of artist-made jewelry, adornment, and metalwork are eligible for submission. Artworks and images must be created in or after 2019.

What do you mean by artist-made object?

A work that was created by an individual artist or made in equal collaboration with two or more artists.

What isn’t eligible?
Works that are fabricated by a third-party or which are manufactured.


DO work collaboratively on a shared creative vision in which all creative voices are credited specifically and appropriately for their contributions.

DON’T just hire a stylist/photographer/creative director or producer to stage and photograph YOUR work. We encourage artists to do their own staging and photographing as much as possible. That said, professional photography is fine, but all collaborators must be credited for their work.

DO create a conceptually relevant immersive display for your work. Ultimately this is about the total image, and not only the object.

DON’T let the styling or surroundings completely overpower the object/work. You’ll need to strike a balance.

DO think creatively when it comes to materials and supplies.

DON’T be deluded into thinking that the flashiest, most expensive materials will garner the best image results

DO carefully consider issues of cultural appropriation.




  • Image files must be a minimum of 300 dpi at 6 x 8 inches 


  • Images must be accompanied by COMPLETE caption information. Submissions without complete captions information will be deemed inadmissible
  • Captions must include the following 
    • Name(s) as you wish for it to appear in print
    • Title of the artwork features in the image
    • Date the piece was created
    • All materials used to create the object
    • Name of any creative contributor to the image and their role (ie: photographer, make-up artist, clothing designed by, etc etc)


  • Up to 3 print-quality images 
  • 1 print quality image of the artwork featured on a neutral background (for reference)


  • Conceptual statement about the submission (200 words max)
  • Artist Bios (s) (150 words max per artist/collaborator)

Questions? Please contact editor@snagmetalsmith.org

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