Bring on the Gems 2024


Bring on the Gems was a multi-faceted exhibition & sale highlighting SNAG’s diverse membership. The exhibition showcased pieces that include gems, pearls, minerals, or rocks of any and all types. Traditional, non-traditional, and avant-garde uses of these materials in adornment were used.

Select pieces were on view during SNAG @ Tucson, February 1-3, 2024. Juried by Melanie Eddy and Eric Silva. Some of these can be seen below. Participating artists: Rashele Alradaideh, Benjamin Chung, Nicole DesChamps-Benke, Chapin Dimond, Amy Findlay, Ceci Greco, Eden Hall, Angela Mini Jo, Melissa Lovingood, Agnes Ma, Lesley Aine Mckeown, Wendy Jo New, Claudio Pino, Susan Richter-O’Connell, Moein Shashaei, Andrew Thornton, Grace Wallstead, Hankunyu Wei, Danni Xu

A virtual exhibition & sale with additional work was online February 1-March 31, 2024. Participating artists: Debra Adelson, Rashele Alradaideh, Gokul Bakshi, Teri Brudnak, Liz Bucheit, Autumn Carpenter, Sarah Chapman, Doris Chou-Durfee, Hsinyu Chu, Benjamin Chung, Holly Churchill Lane, Ellen Cohen, Sherry Cordova, Charlene Cross, Rachael DePasquale, Nicole DesChamps-Benke, Chapin Dimond, Sam Farmer, Amy Findlay, Kristina Glick, Mariano Gonzales, Mekah Gordon, Ceci Greco, Kathryn Guler, Ashley C Gull, Eden Hall, Gwendolyn Hendry, Leah Holmes, Amy Hsieh, Angela Mini Jo, Shannon Kuryniec, Helen Kwon, Chelsea Lea, Elizabeth Lenell, Cristina Leonard, Melissa Lovingood, Agnes Ma, Barbara Mann, Evelyn Markasky, Sophie Martin-Glinel, Lesley Aine Mckeown, Valerie Mitchell, Anousha Mohsenidarabi, Nikoo Monem, Guadalupe Navarro, Rebecca Neely, Wendy Jo New, Sher Novak, Marilyn OHara, Michael Opipari, Avni Patel, Sydney Pener, Pouyeh Peyman, Patricia Phillips, Claudio Pino, Lucas Pointon, Susan Richter-O’Connell, Ilene Schwartz, Melissa Scoppa, Jean Shaffer, Moein Shashaei, Cordelia Stewart, Andrew Thornton, Grace Wallstead, Hankunyu Wei, Danni Xu, Yayan Zhang

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