Exhibition in Motion – AURUM: The Golden Year


Lay Hoon Ho - Metamorphosis-1

In homage to SNAG’s 50th Golden Anniversary, we put out the call for AURUM: The Golden Year. Gold is so much more than a color of material; it is a moment, a feeling, a way of marking. The applications we received in return celebrate the vast array of styles, views, and interpretations of what is golden, from classic to kitsch, and always, LARGE. As a committee, we are inspired by the diversity and strength of our makers and models, who push themselves into new territories, and have formed lasting collaborations.

Artists: Angela Adair, Rameen Ahmed, Dean Auchter, Victor Beckmann, Lena Binnington, Pheonix Booth, Arielle Brackett, Jana Brevick, Victoria Burchill, Meghan Callaghan, Petra Class, Shelly Cournoyer, David Dao, Josue Esau, Danielle Gannett, Lauryl Gaumer, Masako Hamaguchi, KT Hancock, Liz Harvey, Lay Hoon Ho, Erum Javed, ZULA Jewelry, Lauren Kalman, Marilyn Koch, Paige Koenig, Timo Krapf, Florence MacDonald, Josie Mayes, Caressa Miles, Robert K E Mitchell, Kathleen Nowak Tucci, Charity Poole, Jennifer Ramirez, Jane Ritchie, Sarah Roberts, Ruby Rue, Linda J Savineau, Sara Shahak, Sarah Sindler, Rachel Smith, Jillian Sortore, Donna Sweigart, Salem Turchan.


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