Exhibition in Motion: Objects of Protection



The 2018 Exhibition in Motion – Objects of Protection challenged artists to create works that would offer protection, either defensively or offensively, to the wearer. Participants were encouraged to push boundaries and create objects the likes of which had never been seen at any previous Exhibition in Motion. The exhibition was held during the SNAG conference in Portland, Oregon in May 2018.

Participating artists: Alexandra Rodrigues, Alyssa Beigi, Amarette Gregor, Angela Sarfo-Ababio, Barbara Baur, Becky Johnson, Brian Ferrell, Darcie Beeman-Black, Emily Cobb, Erum Javed, Florence MacDonald, Jennifer Crupi, Jillian Sortore, Josue Romero, Julessa Barnes, Kathleen Nowak Tucci, Kathryn Osgood, Kyri Hinkleman, Lenae Zirnheld, Mariana Acosta Contreras, Meiyi Yang, Nadia Massoud, Rachel Ness, Rachel Smith, Ruizhi Li, Sarah T Robers, Shelly Cournoyer, Spencer Dickerson, Tabitha Ott, Tegan Wallace, Thomas Bosse, Victor Beckmann, Victoria Burchill, Yuki Ng, ZULA Jewelry


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