Reflection: 100 Years of Jewelry/Metal Arts at California College of the Arts

January 23-February 14, 2013


The SNAG Exhibition Planning Committee awarded the SNAG Exhibition Partners Award to co-curators Marilyn da Silva and Curtis Arima, and California College of Arts to help support their exhibition Reflection: 100 Years of Jewelry/Metal Arts at California College of the Arts. The exhibition, featuring the work of Jewelry/Metal Arts faculty and alumni spanning the decades, was open at the Oliver Art Center, Tocoah Bruce Gallery. Also presented at New York University and at the 2004 “Forging Modernities Symposium” held at the Oakland Museum.

PDF Reflection booklet | copyright 2013 Jack da Silva

Includes: Harry Dixon, LeRoy King, Carl Jennings, Margaret Craver, Robert “Bob” Winston, Robert Dhaemers, Victor Reis, Margaret de Patta, Dr. Robert Coleman, Jason Schoener, Byron Wilson, Caroline Rosene, Marty Streich, Imogene Gieling, Roger Baird, Kenneth Cory, Louis Mueller, Fred Snowden, Bob Jefferson, Carole Small, Larry McClary, Florence Resnikoff, Alan Revere, Jim Mazurkewicz, Kathleen Doyle, Marilyn da Silva, Tom Reardon, Jack da Silva, Collette, Robert “Mac” McCall, D.X. Ross, Frances Killam, Jim Binnion, Harriete Estel Berman, Dawn Nakanishi, George McLean, Judy Stone, Deborah Lozier, Colleen Schenck, Vernon Theiss, Julia Turner, Susan Wood, Curtis Arima, David Cole, Jo-Ann Donivan, Angela Hennessy, Nick Dong


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