March 21-May 21, 2023

Online Exhibition March 21-May 21, 2023

Revlutin: Visions of women life freedom

SNAG is proud to have hosted this exhibition, organized & curated by Azita Mireshghi and Siavash Jaraiedi.

The current, women-led revolution in Iran is a reminder of how important it is to fight for freedom. Revlutin: Visions of women life freedom was a virtual exhibition of adornment as a powerful political and educational tool, amplifying the voices of those fighting for a free and peaceful life against the Islamic Regime occupying Iran.

By creating a space for dialogue and reflection, Revlutin brought attention to this historical moment through art.

Rev♀luti♀n highlighted the challenges and sacrifices made for achieving true freedom and equality, to spread awareness and bring about positive change.



Azita Mireshghi
Azita Mireshghi is an Iranian-American metalsmith and studio artist based out of Santa Monica, California. She obtained her Master of Fine Arts in Jewelry and Metal Arts from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 2016. She has spent her entire life traveling back and forth to Iran and has a deep rooted connection to  Iranian culture and art. Her work explores emotions through jewelry and is process-driven, by creating textures and patterns. She focuses on making work that is strong and bold, meant to incite an internal response and increase confidence for the wearer.

Siavash Jaraiedi
Siavash Jaraiedi is a contemporary artist, born in 1984 in Iran. From a young age, he has been creating sculptures and writing poetry, with his enthusiasm for design evident in his work. Siavash received his Masters in Advanced Architectural Design from the Staedelschule School of Art in Frankfurt, Germany. The creative energy present at this program brought on his passion for sculpture and he began studying under the esteemed sculptor Parvis Tanavoli, at his studio in Tehran. While Siavash continues to research and teach architecture in Tehran, his primary focus is sculpture and poetry. His sculptures pay homage to the artist’s various influences, seamlessly integrating his many talents to capture and visually distill the essence of his poetry. In 2016 he founded RAAV concept studio as a home base for his collection of hand-crafted jewelry inspired by architecture and literature. Through his work, he seeks to bring awareness to the injustices that minority groups face and to encourage people to stand up for their rights. He uses his art to express his beliefs and to speak out against oppression.


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