Still Processing

November 13, 2023 - January 15, 2024

Olivia Shih Still Processing

Still Processing is a reflection on the nature of creative practice through the lens of adornment. Through finished works paired with images of process and inspiration, the artist’s vision and exploration provide invaluable insight and tell a deeper story of how objects come into existence. This exhibition showcases SNAG’s diverse membership: in materials and aesthetics, levels of experience and background.

  • Select pieces were on view November 13-19, 2023 at Pratt Institute during New York City Jewelry Week. Juried by Cappy Counard and Lorraine West.
  • The online exhibition and sale, featuring work by 144 artists, is on view below through January 15, 2024.

Elise Arnold

In the Circle Game

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Leeyeon Yoo


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Brenda Schweder

I Love Man

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Rene Henry


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Vershali Jain

Kalash necklace

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Olivia Shih

Siblings 03

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Tyler Young

Self Portrait

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Ashley C. Gull

The Gatherer

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Clayton Salley

Amorphic Bracelet

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Cris Borro

Eternal Blossom

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Xiaodai Huang

Return to Aggregation: Pangolin

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Melissa Scoppa

Portafortuna Bracelet

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Carolina Cole

Corsage Bracelet

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Aalia Mujtaba

Pathway Pendant

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Alaine Hutson

Little Dipper

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Haley Bates


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Lei (Yuna) Zhang

Murky Warrior(玄武)

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Mengjie Mo


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Dianne Karg Baron

Leaf Trio Iolite Earrings

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Emily Wiser

Lotus. Secret World.

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Gokul Bakshi


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Marilyn Pritikin

Honey Squash Pendant Necklace

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Andrea Terry

Cocoon Bloom

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Charlotte Hodges

The Treachery of Flowers

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