Metalsmith Vol 41 No 3 – 2021

In this issue:


This past summer, Helen Drutt curated and produced RINGS! 1968–2021, an exhibition of 150 rings from her private collection. The accompanying article “RINGS!” by Elizabeth Essner highlights some of the shining examples from Drutt’s collection.

Monel Metal: Modern as Tomorrow

In the early 20th century, Monel metal was often used in architectural hardware, Army identification tags, and even golf club heads. The versatile metal can also be found in hollowware and jewelry. Learn more about Monel in Ana N. Lopez’s article.

Shared Intimacies: Melanie’s World

Jewelry artist Melanie Bilenker is an avid observer of the often overlooked moments of daily life. Writer Andrea DiNoto delves deep into the intimate moments of Bilenker’s work.


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