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2 SNAG female students
Big Pimpin
9DBDE084-photo by aaron-decker
IMG_8496 by aaron decker
Sunyoung-Cheong MAD About Jewelry
Brooke Marks-Swanson

SNAG has given much to me… I am grateful to follow in the footsteps of so many that have worked tirelessly to continue critical work in our field – one that SNAG with all of its members’ contributions, continues to lead.

– Brooke Marks-Swanson, maker

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Carved wood earrings ...

18 1

Half Bath in Pink
Sterling silver, porcelain, enamel, wood, brass, spray paint.

Though these are so so time intensive for me to create (color-matching enamels and paints, polishing the mirror, sculpting the little porcelain sink, and fabricating all the little faucets/pipes/knobs) I'm happy to report I still find myself delighted by this weird, little series.

I'll have a better-composed and less chaotic photo of Half Bath in Yellow posted soon (probably)

81 4

Posted withregram • lisahamiltonstudio Peter. Another part.
Raw edge Agate
Patinated Copper
Sea Shells Netherlands
Sterling Silver
Steel pin back

78 0

Yembe del amor. Taller ocupado
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What do you like the most? ...

14 7

My best friend’s #wedding — custom cufflinks for my brother from another mother. ...

21 3

We've made it through the darkest part of winter! As we emerge slowly into spring, I will continue to gush about the sweet love that I got to witness through making rings of commitment in 2022. It is such an honor to share these moments with the world. Stay tuned!
Sky and Zane: A galaxy teal misfitdiamonds sapphire flanked by diamonds in 18K yellow gold.

61 1
Emily Pellini

To me SNAG is a vital part of our field. It has helped me connect with so many people and places and was actually how I learned about my graduate program. Without SNAG, I would not be where I am today. Through SNAG I have traveled to places I probably would not have, and I even sold my first large piece through a SNAG show. I met lifelong friends and makers and I learned how diverse the work in our field really is.”

– Emily Pellini

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