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2 SNAG female students
Big Pimpin
9DBDE084-photo by aaron-decker
IMG_8496 by aaron decker
Sunyoung-Cheong MAD About Jewelry
Brooke Marks-Swanson

SNAG has given much to me… I am grateful to follow in the footsteps of so many that have worked tirelessly to continue critical work in our field – one that SNAG with all of its members’ contributions, continues to lead.

– Brooke Marks-Swanson, maker

From Our Community

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Bat 🦇 {蝙蝠}Biān fú

Chinese art abounds with bats. They fly from the folds of fabrics and chase each other across the finest china.
Bat also represent happiness and longevity, so it is an auspicious symbol in Chinese culture.

The word/pronunciation for Bat - {蝠}- Fú Is the same as {福} -Fú in Chinese language.

( There are many explanations for this word {福}in English- Prosperity, blessing, happiness, fortune, good luck.)

Chinese artists have long used five bats to represent the Five blessings {五福}Sometimes the five bats encircle a stylized calligraphy known as the prosperity symbol.

Five Blessings {五福}- wūfú
Longevity {夀}
Wealth {富}
Healthy and peaceful {康寧}
Virtue of love {好德}-The bestowing of unconditional love and having a positive impact on the lives of others. Showing a genuine concern for the good of others, with unselfish acts of kindness)
Tranquil Death {善終}- Dying naturally of old age without pain or suffering)

Work in progress

Five Blessings 🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇

~Auspicious Moon~ 「吉利的月亮」
Coming soon

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Few spots open for #mokumeganeworkshops class Feb. 24-26 cydrowleyjewelry studio. Come join us and you'll learn how to make your own Mokume Gane!

#mokumegane #makemokume #forging #copperandsilverbillet #snagmember

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MATTER of FORM adornaxis
At the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach, Florida
#adornaxis #matterofform #adornaxisexhibition #armoryartcenter #armory_jewelrymetals
#armoryartcenter #artjewelryexhibition #artjewelry #armoryjewelry #wpb #wpbevents #wpbgallery #southfloridaevents #southfloridajewelry #snagmetalsmith #snagmember palmbeachculture #palmbeachculture
#contemporaryjewelry #jewellerydesign #preciouscollective armory_jewelrymetals armoryartcenter

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At the
Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach, Florida
open to the public
January 25-29

Silvia Cruceru / Romania

For me, a piece of jewelry is not worn. You wear it to let yourself be carried into its world.
It is more than just an accessory which enhances a fashion context. It is a sign with its own message, creating unexpected relationships between an idea which has just discovered new means of expression and a shape, uniquely articulated by the juxtaposition of materials (most often precarious materials encountered accidentally - pieces of wood, paper etc). The jewelry becomes an unconventional collage, a metamorphosis of the initial purpose of the materials and also of the bearer which is in touch with it.

I graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Bucharest. I took several courses of initiation in jewelry supported by Assamblage - The Institute of Art and Design.

#adornaxis #matterofform #adornaxisexhibition #armoryartcenter #armory_jewelrymetals
#armoryartcenter #artjewelryexhibition #artjewelry #armoryjewelry #wpb #wpbevents #wpbgallery #southfloridaevents #southfloridajewelry #snagmetalsmith #snagmember palmbeachculture #palmbeachculture
#contemporaryjewelry #jewellerydesign armory_jewelrymetals armoryartcenter romanianjewelryweek

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LTSCJN1 #necklace🔺sterling silver, steel, glass beads, coated copper wire 🔻🔸🟢

#contemporaryjewelry #snagmember #artistsoninstagram sunstoneweld #mixedmediaartist #handmadejewelry #wire wrapped jewelry #metalsmith #makersgonnamake #handmadewithlove #silverandsteel #jewelrydesigner #jewlerymaking #jewelry #handcraftedjewerly #mixedmedia #mixedmediaart #oneofakindjewelry #madebyhand #contemporarycraft #wearableart #arttowear #buyhandmade

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~~~~> days are flying by here at the vivi.magoo.presents The Desert Art Retreat in Tucson… i’m cramming so much ( read: too much, maybe 😬) information and tips and tricks and techniques and stories and more tricks into each class i am teaching, i think students are running away and reticent to look back in case i am chasing after them wildly hollering : ‘but wait, i have one more thing to show you!’

kinetic earrings class tomorrow.
and all i really have to say is:

‘but wait, i have one more thing to show you!’


#studiolunaverde #rusticjewelry #riojeweler #artjewelry #snagmember #arttowear #artisanjewelry #wabisabi #handfabricatedjewelry #sculpturaljewelry #handmadecolorado #madeincolorado #coloradohandmade #coloradometalsmith #ironicbling #shoplocalcolorado #creativefire #showmeyourearrings

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Emily Pellini

To me SNAG is a vital part of our field. It has helped me connect with so many people and places and was actually how I learned about my graduate program. Without SNAG, I would not be where I am today. Through SNAG I have traveled to places I probably would not have, and I even sold my first large piece through a SNAG show. I met lifelong friends and makers and I learned how diverse the work in our field really is.”

– Emily Pellini

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