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Lara Sturzenbaum

Halifax, NS
Argentinean jewelry designer Lara Sturzenbaum is based in Halifax, Canada and graduated from NSCAD University with a major in Jewelry Design and Metalsmithing. Patagonia's majestic landscapes and vibrant skies inspire her pieces, which stand out for their unique blend of traditional techniques and biomaterials textured and colored with natural dyes

Luan Arbuckle

Port Alberni, BC

Harper Pearce-Mitchell

Eugene, OR

Knew Concepts

Watsonville, CA

Jamie Meyer

Springfield, OR

Tony Baxter

Saginaw, MI
My name is Tony, I love nature and immersing myself in the great outdoors often. What started as a childhood passion for rockhounding has ultimately led me to a love and appreciation for the elements around us. And in that, working those elements by hand to create objects of beauty that will long outlast my own time here. Love at first sight...

Alanna Ow

San Diego, CA

Lianne B. Chong

Honolulu, HI

Deanna Carrillo

Austin, TX

Aziz Atiya

El Paso, TX

Paul Leon Graham

Barrington, RI

Amy Bailey

Aurora, CO

Rosanna Ford

Bristol, Bristol

John Buhman

Rescue, CA

Alejandra Chaparro - Garcia

Hermosa Beach, CA

Brianna Turner

North Providence, RI

Emaly Akkaoui

Chepachet, RI

Pauline Phillips

Toledo, WA

Coli Drechsel

San Francisco, CA

Jennifer Spivey

Carson, CA

Antonia Baafi

Iowa City, IA

Reagan Hutton

Port Allegany, PA

Jeff Bulman

Bethesda, MD

Marco Ziccardi

Wynnewood, PA

Kim Clinton

San Diego, CA

Emma Vassar

Columus, OH

Joseph Hoopes

Newtown, PA

Zachary gideon

edinboro, PA

Jonathan Wahl

New york, NY

Heather McStay

Portland, OR

Caroline Fitch

Wilcox, PA

Helene Edgett

Erie, PA

Madeleine Saleet

Ithaca, NY

Tara Haney

Bend, OR

Fernando Aguayo-Garcia

Oakland, CA

Kaaren Woods

Ketchikan, AK

Patrik Kusek

Vacaville, CA

Nasla Santillan Lara

Lopez Mateos, Estado de Mexico

Rachel Bresnen


Jim Basara

Okatie, SC

Charlotte Prater

Athens, GA

Timothy Sheriff

Duluth, MN

Renee Menard

San Diego, CA

Melissa Fonseca

Mississauga, ON

Charlotte Zimmer

Fallbrook, CA

Sara Elgohary

Irvine, CA

Claire Ramsey

Seattle, WA

Huadi Liu

Savannah, GA

Susanna Ali

Los Angeles, CA

KC Gray Siebert

San Diego, CA

Alexandra Dickinson

Long Beach, CA

Bahar Bagheri

Toronto, ON

Max Koeppe

Springfield, MO

Julie OBrien

Piney Point, MD

Jules Riddle

Springfield, MO

Elizabeth Debban

Grayson, GA

Theresa Lovering-Brown


Tony Nguyen

Gardena, CA

debra bates

Carmel, CA

Janice Cimbalo

San Diego, CA

Carmen M. Perez - Stoppert

Chicago, IL
Carmen M. Perez-Stoppert is a multifaceted artist specializing in sculpture, drawings, and mixed-metals jewelry. Guided by passion, Carmen’s artistic journey is a harmonious blend of creativity and technical skill. Her work captures the essence of music, often beginning with simple line drawings that evolve into exaggerated and abstract works.

Milt Fischbein

Calgary, AB

María José Núñez

Mexico City, Distrito Federal

Matthew Weisbrod

South Milwaukee, WI

Wendy Smith

Springfield, MO

Emrey Parker

Little Rock, AR

mallory olesen willing

racine, WI

Mitchell Binder

Nashville, TN

M. A. Halbin

Alison Kmetko

Los Angeles, CA

Claire Brosten

Martin City, MT

Ann Garrett

Santa Fe, NM

Natasha Kapty

Calgary, AB

Rob Meixner

Jordan, NY

Darcy Matthews

Las Cruces, NM

Helios Cisneros

Eugene, OR

Monica Guerra

Santa Monica, CA

Rezvon Amirani

Malibu, CA

Ana Karina Rodriguez

El Paso, TX

ashley stein


Cynthia Lopshire

Cypress, CA

Jared Rosenquist

Missoula, MT

Gwendolyn Flatland

Belgrade, MT

Linna Hossain

Gardena, CA

Theo Miller

Long Beach, CA

Katja Vaatz

Rio Rico, AZ

Tracey O’Sullivan

Chelsea, QC

Gail Hufjay

Pleasantville, NY

Lindsey Foster

Chula Vista, CA

Rayce Min


Allison Jester

Hagerstown, IN

Ash Luce

Edinboro, PA

Lily Marylander

San Francisco, CA

Jesse Swanson

Glendora, CA

Lindsey Machado

San Francisco, CA

Saira Fernandez

San Andres Cholula, Puebla

Lydia Almada

Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal

Chris Jensen

South Milwaukee, WI

David Rodriguez


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