Publications Advisory Committee

Amy Tavern, Island of 14,264 Days, 2013. Cotton, linen, wool thread on linen, 12 x 7½ x ¼ in. Photo: Hank Drew.

The Publications Advisory Committee for Metalsmith magazine is seeking new members


Metalsmith's Publications Advisory Committee (PAC)  is composed of individuals with an interest in and knowledge about the fields of jewelry, metalsmithing, sculpture, adornment, fashion, and craft. In addition, the committee welcomes broad perspectives outside of the visual arts including but not limited to sociology, anthropology, and the humanities. Committee members are engaged in these fields as practitioners, educators, writers, current students and recent grads who share an interest in the content of the publication.

It is a priority to add at least one committee member who is a current student or recent graduate. We encourage the broadest possible range of voices and there are no restrictions related to age or educational background. Even if you think your interest and background may not apply, we would still like to hear from you.


PAC meets virtually on a quarterly basis to provide feedback on editorial content, layout and design, and makes recommendations to the Editor-in-Chief on possible writers, reviewers, and topics for coverage. The committee is expected to read the latest issue cover-to-cover and share feedback. At times, the committee is asked to review proposals and provide feedback on possible content for the magazine. On rare occasions, the committee may help with special projects as determined by the committee and the Editor-in-Chief.

PAC members are appointed by the Editor-in-Chief and by majority consensus of the current and outgoing PAC members. PAC members serve a 1-3 year term range, with an option to extend. PAC members are volunteers.

Publications Advisory Committee - Call for Members

Interest form for potential members of Metalsmith magazine's Publications Advisory Committee

Are you a currently enrolled student*? *We define a student as anyone who is currently self-directed or self-taught, a community based education program, established apprenticeship program, undergoing private instruction, or enrolled in a community college, 2 or 4 year college or university, or post-graduate program (MA, MFA, PhD)(Required)

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