In Focus 2024

The In Focus exhibition was showcased digitally during the SNAG x San Diego conference. It can be found below and on the Queer Metalsmiths website. This year we’ve partnered with Queer Metalsmiths to showcase BIPOC and or 2SLGBTQIA+ artists from marginalized communities who are the future of the metalsmithing and jewelry field in all materials, aesthetics, levels of experience, and backgrounds.

SNAG conference programming aims to address the broad concepts of connection, community, or collaboration; to highlight work that exemplifies the impulse to unite, explores connections that transcend boundaries, exhibits acts of cooperation, or builds bridges – whether across physical or imagined borders, media or material, cultures or language.


In Focus on view

Exhibiting Artists

Abdul-Malik Muhammad, (he/him)
Akina Zhang (she/her)
Andrew Thornton, (he/him)
Anne Wolf, (she/her)
Cadmium Daniels, (she/her)
Catriona Donald, (she/they)
Claudia Martin, (she/they)
Dawn Cheung, (she/her)
Eden Tighe, (she/her)
Exer Thurston, (they/them)
Isabella Clark, (they/she)
John O'Neal, (he/him)
Karen Westland, (she/they)
Kiley Mann, (she/her)
Lauren Kim, (she/her)
Madi Weber, (they/them)
Mengjie Mo, (she/her)
Mohsen Amini
Nanette Pengelley, (she/her)
Olivia Shih, (she/her)
Pavonis Giron, (they/them)
Rebekah Frank, (she/her)
Samonte Cruz, (they/them)
Skyler Bradford, (she/they)
Tyler Young, (he/they)
Zan Emerson, (they/them)
Ace Tilton Ratcliff (they/them)
Alli Geremia, (she/her)
Andy Lowrie, (he/they)
Apollo Timp, (he/him)
Caio Mahin, he/they
Celeste Lucero Maas, (she/her)
Damion Pollard, (he/him)
Denton Fae, she/her
Elijah Mathiason, (they/he)
Hannah Toussaint, (she/they)
Jamie Murdoch, (they/them)
Joseph Pine, (he/they)
Kendria Thompson, (she/her)
Kristen Hedge, (she/they)
Lia Musante, (they/she)
Max Ramsey, (he/him)
Mercede Sheybani, (she/her)
Mónica Moreno, (she/her)
Naomi Johnson, (she/they)
Omar Monroy, (they/she)
Rae Jett, (she/her)
Robert Thomas Mullen, (he/him)
Sarah Bouchard, (she/her)
Taehyun Bang, (he/him)
Vanessa Bolinger, (she/her)
Ahmoy L he/him
Andrea Ortiz, (she/her)
Anna Elizabeth Sherman, (she/her)
Avalon Palmer, (she/her)
Carmen M. Perez - Stoppert, (she/her)
Chris Jensen - C3 Designs, (he/him)
Danielle Shum, (she/her)
Diane Morales, (she/they)
Esteban Erosky, (he/him)
Heather Nuber, (they/she)
Jeannette Knigge, (she/her)
Josie Parry, (she/they)
Kest Schwartzman, (they/them)
L M deLeon, (they/she)
Lily Marylander, (she/her)
Maxwell Davis, (he/they)
Michal Schwab, (they/he)
Morgan Davis, (she/they)
Nat Emons, (he/they)
Patrick Willow, (he/they)
rae richards, (they/them)
S. Sanchez, (they/them)
Sarah Parsons, (they/she)
Tanya Crane, (she/her)
Wren Schulz, (they/he)
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