2023 Summer & Fall Workshops

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Posted By: Eric Burris

407 Granville Dr
Silver Spring MD 20901
United States

Upcoming Mokume Gane Workshops…
Touchstone Center for Craft Farmington, PA 6/19-6/23
Denver Jewelry Studio Littleton, CO 8/2-8/6
The Art League Alexandria, VA 9/8- 9/10
Metalwerx Waltham, MA 10/20- 10/22

Mokume Gane, or wood grain metal, is a traditional Japanese technique in which two or more different metals are meticulously cleaned, alternately stacked, compressed and heated to a high temperature. The result is the fusing of all layers into a solid block of metal or billet. The billet can be made into sheet metal with a variety of patterns by repeatedly carving through layers and reducing the thickness. Ring stock can be made by twisting a thick piece to re-orient the layers and removing material to reveal a hidden pattern.

In all workshops participants will make their own copper and silver billet, learn patterning techniques, and make a finished project. Click on the details link for each workshop for registration information.

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