Beginning Designs in Woven Metal

Jeanie Pratt for Diane Weimer Studio | Long Beach, CA

Posted By: Diane Weimer

Diane Weimer

Long Beach CA
United States

Beginning Designs in Woven Metal with Jeanie Pratt
October 19,20,21 2023 at Diane Weimer Studio in Long Beach, CA

In this workshop you will learn how to weave small sheets of metal from flattened wire to incorporate in your jewelry. You will be introduced to a variety of patterns that can be achieved using different weave structures. They range from a simple over and under plain weave to beautiful flowing undulating designs. There are so many fun ways to achieve various effects in weaving, including the weave pattern itself, combining different metals for contrast in the weave pattern and varying the widths of the wire used in the weave structure. Students will be encouraged to create samples, and not finished pieces.

Kits will be provided with the materials to get started, as well as instructions on how to prepare the materials yourself. In the 40-page handout, a number of designs are introduced as well as a wealth of resources to inspire you.

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