CARVE, FUSE, FORM, PRINT, REPEAT with Jolynn Santiago, June 25 – July 7, 2023

Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts | Gatlinburg, TN

Posted By: Carly Elliott, registrar

556 Parkway
Gatlinburg TN 37738
United States

JUNE 25, 2023 – JULY 7, 2023

During this workshop students will create multiple rings using a new and experimental method of sterling silver casting. You will design a ring and replicate your design in graphite using carving tools. Once the mold is complete, students will use sterling silver scrap, silver casting grain, and/or create various forms of sterling silver material using filing, cutting, and sawing processes. The silver will be placed into the mold and heat will be added to fuse the rings. The initial mold can be used to create multiples, or it can be adapted between firings to alter the outcome. Each graphite mold can be used for up to thirty firings before it begins to break down. As the mold disintegrates, the graphite becomes soft making it an ideal material for rubbings. Participants will also create a collection of prints recording the process of their rings. Open to all skill levels.

COURSE FEE: $1,210

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