Chasing & Repousse’ Workshop

Peters Valley School of Craft | Layton NJ

Posted By: Jennifer Apgar
Phone: 973-948-5200

19 Kuhn Road
Layton NJ 7851
United States

June 3-5, 2022 (In-person)
Instructor: Liza Nechamkin Glasser

Come gain a working knowledge of chasing through detailed demonstrations, experimentation and different assignments. This class will equip you to further explore chasing with confidence and to fluidly express your own aesthetics through chasing. Participants will try out a variety of antique and new chasing tools and we will discuss the functions and limitations of each. Fundamental tool making skills will also be discussed. Several design layout/transfer techniques will be presented and important core chasing techniques will be covered. Artwork for projects which are best suited for the class time will be provided as this workshop is geared toward gaining the confidence with the tools to further explore this art form on your own design patterns in your home studios. We’ll do some test pieces and move on to a final study piece to explore as much as possible. We will also discuss pitch bowls and hammers, pitch types and compositions, safely working with pitch, tips and tricks and how to correctly prepare and fill a pitch bowl. Images of historic and contemporary chasing will be presented for inspiration. Basic metalsmithing skills such as annealing and pickling are necessary but you do not need any prior chasing experience. Chasing tools will be available for purchase.

Tuition: $455
Materials Fee: $45

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